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Handmade Oboe Reeds!
   Our Student-pro Reeds are professional quality reeds, hand made and individually tested by a professional oboist, prepared in strengths for students to fit their developing and maturing embouchures.  Reeds may be adjusted for personal customization.
Please see Our Products page for more reed information.
Soft:             first year oboists 
Med-Soft:    2-3 years, middle school players 
Medium:      4+ years/high school, adjustable
Med-Hard:   college/advanced, room for personal                       adjustments

Medium-Soft Oboe Reed 

Medium Oboe Reed

Medium-Hard Oboe Reeds  $23.99 

Pro-Line Oboe Reeds

Our Pro-Line Oboe Reeds are professional quality oboe reeds prepared by a professional oboist.  These reeds are more refined for advanced players and are designed primarily as performance reeds, though they are excellent for use in rehearsals and home practice.  Prepared with quality brass or silver staples with synthetic cork.  These reeds are designed to play eaily with little break in time.  Strength is between a medium-soft and medium.

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$4.50 First Class includes tracking,
$7.50 Priority includes tracking and $50.00 insurance.  
Shipping is within in the U.S. only.
We are unable to ship internationally. 

Hand Made Oboe Reeds, 

Oboe Reed Cups and Stand Clips, 

Our exclusive products are what makes our company unique!

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Based in Houston, Texas!
We specialize in oboe products for oboists of all levels
 Professional Grade Handmade Oboe Reeds 

Stand Clip for Gold Cap Cups
Clear Cup Gold Cap
Wired with quality brass staples.  Prepared to performance quality by Dr. Schindler.  Price each:  $25.00


Our oboe reeds are now available for purchase on our website.  Please use the Paypal buttons to complete your order.  Please note all reed orders may take 5-10 days to process due to the preparation time.  Thank you for your patience and your patronage!
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Music Stand Clip for 
Flip Top Cups

This clip attaches to most music or band stand poles (not wire stands).
Price:  $7.00 each
Pop Top Plastic Cups in
Bright Solid Colors!  
1.5 oz. plastic cups with an attached flip top. 
These lids seal well to prevent leaks and are durable to prevent cracking.  Gently squeeze the sides of the cup on the top to "Pop" the lid open.
Neon Pink, Aqua, Ocean Blue, Mauve, Neon Lime.
Price: $2.50 each
Neon Pink Cup
Ocean Blue Cup
Mauve Cup
Lime Cup
5 pack solid flip top cups special $10.00
Teacher Reed Discount Pack!
New by request!  We now offer a special discount pack of 10 reeds for oboe instructors!  Cost per reed is $22.00, versus the regular price of $23.99 each.   
Mix and Match Strengths:
These reeds are the Student Pro available in soft, medium-soft, medium, and medium-hard.  Please specify your reed strengths in the comment box or by email when ordering.
Company Info
Variegated Thread

Soft Oboe Reed
Our Soft reeds are designed specifically for first year beginning oboists.  Soft reeds vibrate easily with minimal effort.  If reeds are too resistant or thick, students will apply more lip pressure to make the reed vibrate and cause the reed to crack.  

Our reeds allow for immediate response with minimal lip pressure to maintain correct embouchure formation.  We recommend upgrading to mediuim-soft reeds after 3-6 months of playing. Please note reeds are non-refundable so please be mindful in selecting your reed strengths.
Important Information for Parents of Young Oboists and Oboist of All Levels
Please note that oboe reed strengths vary among reed makers.  Reed strengths are not universal like shoe sizes.  Each reed maker designates strengths to individual preference.  Dr. Schindler has establshed oboe strengths for Infiniti Reeds based on 18 years of teaching experience, working with oboists grades 5-12 as well as college level.
For adults learning the oboe as a secondary instrument or returning to the oboe I recommend starting with a medium-soft reed since it vibrates easily and will encourage proper embouchure formation.
Special 5 Pack of Solid Colors Flip Top Cups
Price:  $10.00 each set
Pop Top Plastic Cups in  Translucent Colors!  
1.5 oz. plastic cups with an attached flip top. 
These lids seal well to prevent leaks and are durable to prevent cracking.  Gently squeeze the sides of the cup on the top to "Pop" the lid open.
Colors include:  Red, Amber, Lemon, Green, Blue, Purple, Smoke/Black, Clear
$2.50 each
Red       Amber     Lemon     Green
Blue        Clear        Black     Purple
Set of 8 Translucent 
Color Cups:  $16.00
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1.5 oz Reed Cup with Gold Cap

Perfect for soaking oboe and bassoon reeds! 2.75 in. tall, 1.5 in. wide.  The cap provides a tight seal and the flexible plastic is crackproof!  
Colors: Blue, Green, Purple,  Clear.
Price each: $2.50
Music Stand Clip for 
Gold Cap Cups

Price: $7.00 each
Please note our oboe reeds are not returnable or refundable.  We recommend selecting the reed strength based on the chart listed above.  The reeds can be adjusted by skilled reed-makers, so we recommend seeking assistance of a local reed maker if you prefer personal adjustments to your reeds.  Selecting one reed per strength is advisable for first time customers.  We include specific information in your order on how our reeds are prepared and a care guide for soaking, handling, playing, and storing your reeds.
Please note: We currently ship only in the U.S.  
Ocean Blue    Mauve    Neon Pink
5 pack solid flip top cups $10.00
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Green       Blue         Clear       Purple 
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Performance Reeds 
(in between Med-soft and Medium strength) $24.99
Welcome to Infiniti Reeds! 

 Dr. Schindler is a professional reed maker with 26 years of experience in hand crafting oboe reeds for oboists of all levels.  From beginners in 5th/6th grade through middle school and high school, college level, and advanced players Dr. Schindler prepares reeds in strengths based on 24 years of experience in working with oboists one on one in private lessons.  Dr. Schindler specializes in customizing reeds to each individual players' needs.  Preparing professional quality reeds for oboists of all levels is her passion.  

    Infiniti Reeds has appreciated our customers who have shared their success stories over the years.  Helping oboists achieve their musical goals is her number one priority.  Dr. Schindler also specializes in teaching adults playing an instrument for the first time, returning to the oboe, as well as those learning the oboe as a secondary instrument.  Tell us your goals and we will help you on your journey to success!
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Pro English Horn Reeds
Reed Tips

Dear community,

For all oboists I recommend adding a few drops of mouthwash to your reed water to disinfect your reeds for daily practice. It is important to use fresh water daily, and use a cloth or paper towel to clean the inside of the reed cup.  The film that can accumulate on the sides and bottom of the cup is often invisible until you observe the residue on the cloth after cleaning.  Also, swab your oboe daily after practice to remove all moisture from the bore. Wiping your keys with a cloth before and after playing can prevent the transfer of germs as well.  And as always, wash your hands before and after playing.  

I advise my students to discard any reeds that have been in their reed cases for two months, assuming you play on them daily.  Playing on old, deteriorating reeds can affect your health.  Breaking in new reeds every 4-6 weeks will keep your embouchure strong and in its proper position.

Please contact me if you have any concerns. Stay well, my fellow oboists! 
Dr. Schindler
New Dark Rainbow variegated nylon FF reed thread spools!   $8.50 a spool.

Variegated red, yellow, green, and blue on a 105 yd.  plastic spool.
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New Exclusive Variegated Thread 
Designed by Infiniti Reeds! 
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