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Handmade Oboe Reeds!
   Our Student-pro Reeds are professional quality reeds, hand made and individually tested by a professional oboist, prepared in strengths for students to fit their developing and maturing embouchures.
Please see Our Products page for more reed information.
Soft:             first year oboists 
Med-Soft:    2-3 years, middle school players 
Medium:      4+ years/high school
Med-Hard:   college/advanced
Medium-Soft Oboe Reed  $20.99 
SALE $19.99
Medium Oboe Reed
SALE $19.99
Medium-Hard Oboe Reeds  $20.99 
SALE $19.99
3 Pack
Oboe Reeds    $59.99
3 Pack
Oboe Reeds    $59.99
3 Pack
Oboe Reeds    $59.99
Pro-Line Oboe Reeds
Our Pro-Line Oboe Reeds are professional quality oboe reeds prepared by a professional oboist.  These reeds are more refined for advanced players and are designed primarily as performance reeds, though they are excellent for use in rehearsals and home practice.
New lower price for 2016!   
$24.00  SALE $22.00
4 Pack
Oboe Reeds   $79.99
4 Pack
Oboe Reeds    $79.99
4 Pack
Oboe Reeds    $79.99
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    Our Best Seller!    
Vinyl Polka Dot 
  Available in Powder Blue and Purple!
Color of ribbon insert is black.    
Price each:  $28.00
Sale!  $24.00!
Double Decker Economy  
Great for storing reeds in progress!  Price each:  $24.00

Cases are custom made to hold 6 oboe reeds.    
New!  Three Reed Oboe Reed Case
Pocket Travel Black Leather with Velour Interior
Red and Green interiors, small air vent, may fit in the small compartments in some oboe instrument cases (dimensions 9 3/10 X 4 4/10 X 2 cm)
Sale price each:  $42.00

DOUBLE-SIDED OBOE CASE HOLDS 18 REEDSBlack foam ribbon insert for oboe reeds,

PRICE EACH:  $30.00  
 SALE PRICE: $25.00
18 oboe reed case
Black patterned 
Please note the jeans pattern will vary with each case
Grey jeans denim
Pink flower denim
vinyl oboe case
Blue jeans denim
Blue denim oboe case
Pink denim oboe case
Grey denim oboe case
$4.00 First Class includes tracking,
$6.50 Priority includes tracking and $50.00 insurance.  
Shipping is within in the U.S. only.
Optional insurance is on our shipping page.
We are unable to ship internationally at this time.
1.5 oz. Cup with Attached Flip Top

 Translucent Colors!
Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, & Red!

Perfect for soaking oboe and bassoon reeds!  
Price each:  $2.50

Stand Clip for Flip Top Cups $7.00
New Reed Cases!
Alligator Print
in Dark Pink, Violet-Mauve and Fiery Red!
for 6 oboe reeds.
Price each:  $28.00
Sale!  $24.00!
1.5 oz. Cup with Gold Lid

Perfect for soaking oboe and bassoon reeds!  2.75 in. tall, 1.5 in. wide.
The cap provides a tight seal and the flexible plastic is crack-proof!
Price each:  $2.50

Music Stand Clip for Gold Cap Cups
Price:  $7.00 each
Products Listed on Our Home Page!
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Oboe Reed Cases, Oboe/EH Cozy, Hand Made Oboe Reeds, Reed Soaking Cups and Stand Clips, Scented Cork Grease, Bell Keychains, Microfiber swabs, Oboe T-shirts and Stickers!
Our exclusive products are what makes our website unique!
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Free velour pouch
A free velour pouch with drawstring will be included with each reed case order this month!  While supplies last!  (excludes 28 oboe reed case and larger cases)
New Denim Pocket Reed Cases!
 Oboe Cases, hold 9 reeds on each side (total of 18 reeds).
Black foam ribbon inserts with flocked interior lining.
(Please note stone wash pattern and pocket stitching will vary with each case.)  
Each case has two functional pockets for keeping plaques, moisture paper, etc.
Price each:  $28.00
 Sale! $24.00!
Free velour pouch!
A free velour pouch with drawstring will be included with each reed case order this month!  While supplies last!  
(excludes 28 oboe reed case and larger cases)
Oboe Zebra Print
Animal Print Reed Cases! Pink, Red, Orange, and Purple!  Plus Zebra Prints!
Price each:  $28.00   Sale $24.00!  

Wecome to the official website of
Based in Houston, Texas!
We specialize in oboe products forStudent Oboists
Handmade Oboe Reeds and Reed Cases 
Infiniti Reeds Specially Formulated
Scented Cork Grease!
Our cork grease conditions tenon corks to prevent drying and tearing.  It also works great on reed corks for easy inserting in the reed well.   
Our formula contains natural ingredients including beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil.

Our cork grease was developed due to chronic problems with my students experiencing tenor cork tearing, even with the use of manufactured cork grease.  After consulting with woodwind repair specialists I was informed that many mass produced cork grease brands contain ingredients that can not only dry out the cork but desolve the glue underneath the cork.  I was inspired to develop this cork grease with natural ingredients to combat this problem.  There was a grape scented grape colored cork grease on the market in the 1980s (sadly no longer available) that I used when I was a young band student. The scent and color was an interesting twist, and I wanted my students to have an alternative to the minty scented, thick, cork grease on the market so they would enjoy using it and use it frequently.  The corks are lasting much longer now, so a product born out of necessity has proven successful.

Tube:  $3.00
Small tub:  $4.00
Large tub (2X tube):  $5.00
Strawberry tube
Bubblegum tube
Margarita tube
Watermelon tube
Oboe Red Black Animal Print
Oboe Orange Animal Print
Oboe Pink Zebra Print
Red Flip Top Cup
Orange Flip Top Cup
Green Flip Top Cup
Blue Flip Top Cup
 "Awesome Oboist" 
3 Color Neon Sign Oboe Reed Black T-Shirt 
 Adult Sizes(These sizes run large)
Small, Medium, Large, X-Large 
  Sale!  $16.00 each
Medium shirt
Large shirt
X Large Shirt
5 pack cups translucent  special $10.00
New Gift Items!  Mini Wood Bell Keychains!
Miniature replicas of English horn bells.  Available in Grenadilla (dark brown) and Cocobolo Wood (medium brown).
Price each:  $42.00 (compare to $50-$75)
Grenadilla EH bell
Cocobolo EH bell
New Oboe Reed Cases!
Retro Cassette Tape

Sturdy Metal Case in 4 Designs:  
Punk Mix, Mix Tape, Hits of the '80s, and Unlabeled Orange.

Price each:  $25.00 
Mix Tape
Punk MIx
80s Hits
Orange Yellow
 "Awesome Oboist" 
Neon Sign with Oboe Reed Design 
3 X 4 inch vinyl sticker
Excellent gift item or for rewarding your oboe students!  

Price:  $1.00 for 2 sticker pack
Blue Cup Gold Cap
Green Cup Gold Cap
Purple Cup Gold Cap
Stand Clip for Gold Cap Cups
Clear Cup Gold Cap
Black Leather Green
Black Leather Red
Pro English Horn Reeds
Wired with quality brass staples.  Prepared to performance quality by a professional English horn player.  
Price each:
$25.00 Sale $23.00
The Three Reed Campaign!

Oboist know the importance of having enough PLAYABLE, WORKING oboe reeds at all times.  A minimum of 3 reeds is standard practice.  Oboe reeds change with each soaking and playing session,  and are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.  Having enough reeds to test and selecting the right reed for each day is imperative for the serious oboist.  Customers purchasing 3 or more reeds in April will receive our exclusive oboe reed tote - 
Blue Raspberry small tub $4.00
Caramel small tub $4.00
Green Apple Tube
Blue raspberry large tub $5.00
Caramel large tub $5.00
green apple small tub $4.00
Blue denim Oboe 18 reed case
stone wash oboe 18 reed
dark denim yellow stitch oboe 18 case
black denim 18 oboe case
Music notes reed box
Owl 28 Reed Box #1
Owl 28 reed box #2
Owl 28 reed box #3
BG Microfiber Swab sets!
2 part swab sets for cleaning both top and bottom joints
for Oboe or English horn!  Sale price: $22.00 (compare to $32.00)
BG 2 part oboe swab
BG 2 part EH swab
Altieri Instrument Cozy 
for Oboe and English horn!

Protect your instrument from dust and cold temperatures.  These cozies are great for covering your oboe/EH while positioned on an instrument stand on stage or at home as you make reeds or take a practice break. 
Oboe Cozy:  $28.00
English Horn Cozy:  $32.00
Oboe Cozy
English horn cozy
Please note our current processing time for reed orders as of May 15th
is 7-10 days.

Please contact us if you need items by a specific date.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs.  
Please make sure you have a valid email with Paypal to receive confirmation of your order or contact us directly for speedy communication.
All orders now include a USPS tracking number!

2 pack oboe stickers
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White Cell Phone Reed Case  $12.50
Black Cell Phone Reed Case $12.50
New "Cell Phone" Oboe Reed Cases!  
Each hold 6 oboe reeds.  Foam ribbon insert.  
Sale price $12.50 Each!
Oboes Rock Small shirt
Oboes Rock Med Shirt
Oboes Rock Large Shirt
Oboe Rock XL shirt
 "Oboes Rock" 
Neon Sign Oboe Reed Green & Black T-Shirt Adult Sizes (These sizes run large) 
Small, Medium, Large, XL
  Sale!  $14.00 each
Dark Pink Alligator
Fiery Red Alligator
Violet Mauve Aliigator
Purple polka dots
Blue polka dots
Oboe Purple Animal Print
Help!  My Band Has an Oboe Player!
Our New Book Has Arrived!
Finally an instructional guide for students, oboe instructors, and music educators!
Order your copy today! 
194 pages with photos, charts, and resources.  
Price:  $29.99
Sale price:  $26.00!
Help! Oboe Book Sale! $26.00
Please see our 
Products Page 
Band Directors Page 
to purchase silk oboe swabs.
Apple large tub $5.00
Pink Flip Top Cup
Music Stand Clip for 
Flip Top Cups

This clip attaches to most music or band stand poles (not wire stands).
Price:  $7.00 each
New Bright Solid Colors!
Neon Pink, Aqua, Ocean Blue, Mauve, Neon Lime.
Neon Pink Cup
Aqua Cup
Ocean Blue Cup
Mauve Cup
Lime Cup
5 pack solid flip top cups special $10.00
Buy in packs and save!  Save $3.00 on 3 packs, $4.00 on 4 packs!
10 Reed Pack Teacher Discount $180.00
Teacher Reed Discount Pack!
New by request!  We now offer a special discount pack of 10 reeds for oboe instructors!  Cost per reed is $18.00, versus the regular price of $20.99 each.  Save almost $3.00 per reed.  
Mix and Match Strengths:
These reeds are the Student Pro available in soft, medium-soft, medium, and medium-hard.  Please specify your reed strenghts in the comment box or by email when ordering.
Reed Strengths
Please scroll below.  New teacher discount available! 
28 Waterfall reed box
28 cupcake reed box
28 Butterfly reed box
28 Phrases reed box
New 3D lenticular designs!
28 Wood Reed Case Box
Great for storing reeds in progress!  Price each:  $24.00
Sale price:  $22.00
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New FF Thread Spools!  
Our thread is bonded to prevent breakage.  Approximately 125 yards per spool.  Price:  $5.00
See Our Products Page to Purchase.
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soft oboe reed
Soft Oboe Reed
Our Soft reeds are designed specifically for first year beginning oboists.  Soft reeds vibrate easily with minimal effort.  If reeds are too resistant or thick, students will apply more lip pressure to make the reed vibrate and cause the reed to crack.  Our reeds allow for immediate response with minimal lip pressure to maintain correct embouchure formation.  We recommend upgrading to mediuim-soft reeds after 3-6 months of playing. Please note reeds are non-refundable so please be mindful in selecting your reed strengths.
Important Information for  Parents of Young Oboists and Oboist of All Levels

Please note that oboe reed strengths vary among reed makers.  Reed strengths are not universal like shoe sizes.  Each reed maker designates strengths to individual preference.  Dr. Schindler has establshed oboe stregnths for Infiniti Reeds based on 18 years of teaching experience, working with oboists grades 5-12 as well as college level.