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Welcome to the Infiniti Reeds 
Reed Tools and Supplies Page!

We are adding more reed-making tools and supplies periodically, so be sure to visit our site often.  If you are looking for a particular double reed tool or product please let us know so we can include it in our current inventory.
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This page was last updated: August 6, 2019
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Current Product Inventory

 Turkey Feathers
Oboe Mandrels
Cutting Blocks
Beeswax cakes
Oboe Flat Metal Plaque

Flat, oval shaped plaque with rounded ends for inserting in between the reed blades for scraping.

Price each:  $3.00

Beeswax Cakes

One ounce beeswax cakes, perfect for coating your reed thread before tying.

One cake:  $3.00 each
Oboe Rulers 6 inch

Tinted, plastic rulers
with centimeter markings.
Four colors available.

Price Each:  $2.50
Oboe Rulers 6 inch

Glitter colored rulers
with centimeter markings

Price Each:  $2.50
Coated C-Clamp, 2 inches
Price Each:  $7.00
Woodwind Key Oil

Perfect for lubricating the rods of your instrument:  Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Flute, and Saxophone.  The special needle point makes it easy to apply the oil without spillage.  Comes with a protector cap and a plastic bottle for easy storage and carrying.

Price each:  $7.50
Infiniti Reeds Cork Grease!

Specially made at Infiniti Reeds with natural ingredients for more conditioning and lubricating for your tenon corks.  It will even work on the corks of your reeds if you have difficulty inserting the corks in your reed well.

Our lightly scented cork grease includes:  Watermelon, Bubblegum, and Margarita!

Price each:  $3.50

Key Oil
Oboe Instrument Stand
Scented & Tinted Cork Grease
Flat oboe plaque
Double Hollow Ground  Razor Knife
Beeswax cake
Orange ruler
Blue ruler
Green ruler
Red ruler
Purple glitter ruler
Blue glitter ruler
Dark green ruler
Light Green ruler
Key oil
Large Cutting Block

Made in-house.

1.5 inches in diameter
6/8 inches in height

Leather cover on the bottom to prevent slipping.
Price each:  $14.00
Large block

NEW!  German
Double Hollow Ground, Razor Knife, yellow handle and leather sheath.
Very thin edge, excellent for  finishing touches

New lower price!
Price each:  39.00
out of stock
Reed Making Kits 

Supplies and Tools
Oboists who are interested in starting reed-making

Basic Tools and Supplies 
for scraping reeds only

Oboe Reed blanks 
(cane tied onto staples but unscraped)
Knife:    folding,  DHG
Flat Plaque:  
Cutting Block: 
Stone for sharpening knife:  

Tools and Supplies 
for wrapping cane on staples 
and scraping
Basic scraping tools:

Cutting Block Ruler
Sharpening Stone
Plus wrapping supplies:

Shaped Cane:   
Staples:  brass, silver
Thread Spool:  
Beeswax cake: 

We recommend purchasing the supplies and tools separately rather than purchasing reed tool kits.  This way you can select only the items you need to start making oboe reeds depending on whether you decide to scrape on the reeds or if you prefer to wrap the reeds prior to scraping.  It is more cost effective to purchase items individually than collectively, so we offer these items at reasonable, yet competitive prices.

Helpful Hints:

Basically you will need to continue purchasing shaped cane to wrap the reeds after you have all the reed making tools.

You can reuse your reed corks (staples) from old reeds to avoid purchasing new ones.  However, it is best to use the same type of staples when beginning making oboe reeds to keep your variables at a minimum.  
The more consistent the cane and staple quality = the more consistent your results.
Types of Sharpening Stones
Which one is best for your knife?

For new knives with sharp edges it is best to use a smooth stone, such as a translucent Arkansas stone, soft Arkansas, or ceramic stone.

To turn the burr of a sharp edge we recommend a sharpening steel.

For knives that are dull or uneven at the blade and need regrinding we recommend a more textured stone, such as a diamond stone or Arkansas double grit stones.  Diamond stones remove the steel from the knife, so use these sparingly.
Turkey Quill Feathers

Perfect for cleaning the bore of the oboe after playing.  Also useful for oiling the bore of your wood oboe with a drop of Almond oil.
Price $1.50 each

Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet

Pink Feather
Red Feather
Orange feather
Yellow Feather
Green feather
Blue Feather
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Our C-Clamps are coated and have a smooth flat end for a secure hold.
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Coated C-Clamp, 3 inches
Price Each:  $10.00
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Coated C-Clamp, 4 inches
Price Each:  $15.00
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New Item!
Introducing our new brass staples!

These staples are used exclusively for preparing our handmade oboe reeds.  The staples are scored, 47mm, and have a synthetic cork to fit any reed well size.

Price each: $3.40

Set of 10: $32.00

Set of 20: $62.00
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