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student-pro soft 
oboe reed 
recommended for beginning oboists
student-pro medium 
oboe reed
recommended for high school
and college level oboists
student-pro medium-soft oboe reed
recommended for middle school oboists
student-pro med.-hard 
oboe reed
recommended for advanced players
who prefer to fine tune their reeds
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OBOE and English horn REEDS

Perfect for concerts and recitals for the student and professional oboist.  Pro-line oboe reeds are from our reedmaker's private stock, available in medium strength only, and are wrapped with nylon thread on pro brass staples with synthetic cork.  English horn reeds are wired with brass staples.

English horn Pro-line Reed Price each:  $25.00

Oboe Pro-Line Reed Price each:   $25.00  
oboe reed

Shipping charges (starting at $4.00 per order)
for items are listed on the ORDER FORM page.  Orders are shipped via 1st class USPS or priority mail including tracking.  Please email for current shipping costs for priority or overnight mail.  Texas residents will be charged state sales tax for each purchase.  Please use the Buy This Buttons for Paypal orders.  Please fill out and mail the order form if you are paying by a check.
Price each:  $18.50
Price each:  $23.99 
Sale: $21.99
Price each:  $23.99
Sale: $21.99
Price each: $23.99
Sale: $21.99
Current Product Line on this Page
October 2018
Oboe Swabs
 Cork Grease
Gouged/Shaped oboe cane
Oboe reeds in 4 strengths

Pro-line reeds: Oboe, English horn
Oboe Thread Spools
Oboe and Reed Book
Oboe Pencils
  4 Diamond Stone
Microfiber polishing cloths
Rulers and C-clamps
Pliers and Clippers
Oboe Humidifiers for Wood Oboes

pro staple, synthetic cork
Sale Price:  $24.00
Handmade Oboe Reeds
We offer two categories of oboe reeds:
Student-Pro Oboe Reeds and Pro-Line Oboe Reeds

Student-Pro Reeds:  
Professional quality reeds, hand made by a professional oboist, prepared in strengths 
for students to fit their individual needs for maturing embouchures.

Pro-Line Reeds:  
Our performance reed, prepared by a professional oboist, for advanced players.  
Slightly more refined in tone and balanced for performances, though they are an excellent choice for rehearsals and home practice.

Our cane is processed 'in house' and each reed is prepared by hand. 
Our reeds are made to order.   Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.
For rush deliveries, please inquire by email for availability by indicating the date you wish to receive your reed order.  You will be notified by email if we can deliver by the date indicated or give you an approximate date of arrival.  Please note most reed orders will arrive within 5-7 days.  For the past few years we have shipped all orders in less than two weeks.  We recommend placing orders at least 1-2 weeks in advance taking into consideration the 5-day reed-making process and shipping time.  

We are currently using Rigotti cane for our handmade reeds with quality brass and silver staples (the same synthetic cork) for stable intonation.  Our handmade, professional quality oboe reeds, made available to students, are a step up from manufactured reeds.  Our Student-Pro reeds are hand scraped and comparable to reeds prepared and played by professional oboists (that retail between $25-$35) but offered here at an affordable price.

At Infiniti Reeds we strive to keep our reed prices on the low end of the average while staying competitive with current market prices.
Return and Exchange Policy
Refunds are valid for all products except reeds.  Though Infiniti Reeds are packaged very carefully and rarely incur damage in shipping, Infiniti Reeds will happily replace reeds damaged in shipping.  Please inspect your reeds immediately upon delivery and contact us via email for further information concerning an exchange for reeds damaged in shipping.  We must be notified immediately (less than one week) upon the arrival of your reed order and the damaged reeds must be returned to us for inventory purposes.  Due to health reasons, we are unable to replace reeds that have been played on.  Refunds are not available on reed orders.
Four-sided diamond knife blade sharpener, 6" X 2".  Red:  600 fine, Green:  400 Grit medium fine, Yellow:  300 Grit Coarse, Gray:  200 Grit Extra Coarse
Price: $40.00  SALE PRICE: $25.00
Sharpening Stones
4 Diamond stone $30.00
English horn reed

brass staple
Price: $25.00

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Swabs, duster brushes, cork grease
 Please note our English horn swabs will vary in colors and patterns from the one pictured due to the tie-dye process.  
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Reed-making tools now available.  

Pliers and clippers used for fastening wire to oboe, English horn, and bassoon reeds
Mini Pliers for fastening reed wire onto reeds.  Handle grip colors may vary.
Price each:  $6.50
Small Clippers for clipping reed wire.  Handle grip colors may vary. 
Price each:  $5.00
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Shipping charges for items are listed on the ORDER FORM page.  Orders are shipped via 1st class USPS.  Please email for current shipping costs for priority or overnight mail.  Texas residents will be charged state sales tax for each purchase.  Please use the Buy This Buttons for Paypal orders.  Please fill out the order form if mailing in a check or money order.  
Attention Oboists!  
 Infiniti Reeds does not allow refunds or exchanges on reeds.
Please note that double reeds are very fragile and affected by changes in temperature and humidity . They are especially susceptible to cracking when dry.  We recommend soaking your reeds slightly longer than usual in very warm water for best results.  Try to avoid soaking reeds in very cold water.    Make sure your reeds are dry before storing them in reed cases.  Be sure to handle them with care.

This page was last updated: October 11, 2018
C-Clamps for tying reeds, coated in brown
Medium 2- inch and Large 4-inch

2 inch C Clamp $6.00
 Microfiber polishing cloths
Did you know that the silver coating on your keys can tarnish? 
Keep your keys clean and shiny by polishing your keys after playing. 
 These cloths are non-treated so there will be no residue left after each use-
leaving your keys fingerprint-free!
Large microfiber cloths

8 X 7.5 inches
Assorted colors: Red, Maroon, Light Blue, Mint, Green
Price each: $4.00
 Our color inventory is subject to change due to availability.  

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Our cloths are available in an assortment of colors:  Red,  Maroon, pink, black, beige, grey, light blue, and mint.  If you prefer a certain color please specify when ordering in the comment box or by email.
multi red/black
photo coming soon

multi red/pink
Multi pink
multi orange
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ASSORTED VARIEGATED COLORS WRAPPED ON SMALL, 1 OZ. Wooden TRAVEL SIZED SPOOLS. Nylon thread, upholstry strength, slightly thicker and stronger than FF thread for less breakage during the wrapping process and fewer loops!  Approximately 75 yds per spool, will wrap approximately 112 oboe reeds with conservative use of thread (24 inches per reed).  Price: $4.89 each  SALE PRICE:  $4.00 each
lt. brown multi (brown and yellow)
dk. brown/yellow multi
sunrise multi (red, orange, yellow)
warm colors plus green multi
multi green
dk. green/yellow multi
ocean blue multi
sky blue multi
lt. blue multi
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Plastic 6 inch rulers.  Assorted colors.  Blue, Purple, Light Green, Dark Green.   Color requests accepted.  Price:  $2.75
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Humidifiers for wood oboes

Small packet with zip-lock pouch.  Fill the pouch with water to regulate the humidity in your oboe case.  The crystals in the pouch form a gel sponge.  Lasts 30-45 days.  Prevents wood oboes from cracking.

Price each:  $3.00
Infiniti Reeds Special Formula!
 Includes natural ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter, and vitamin E.
Scented Cork Grease!
$3.50 each tube  Sale $3.00 each!
Bubble Gum
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Reed Making Tools

Rulers and C-Clamps
Clippers, Pliers
Humidifiers for Wood Oboes
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Silk Double-Ended Oboe Swabs
 Double- ended, pull through oboe swabs.   Blue, green, black, and purple.  
 $11.99 each
Please note the hot pink swabs have been discontinued.
As of October our swabs are out of stock.  Please check back later this fall.
Seaside Multi
Purple Multi
New Colors!
Multi warm + Blue
Multi Lollipop
Multi Bright
Multi Spring (Yellow/Green)
Neon Orange
Neon Blue
Neon Green
Neon Pink
Neon Yellow
Introducing Our Exclusive Book About Oboe Help!

Our Practical Guide for Basic Oboe Instruction, Problem-Solving, Embouchure and Posture Adjustments, Plus our sold out book on Oboe Reed Care:  Soaking, Storing, Selection, Appearance, and Reed Adjusting.

An excellent resource for 
beginning oboists- as a supplement to a band method, 
band directors teaching beginner oboe class, 
and private lesson instructors!

Learn how to:
 Solve Basic Oboe Problems not addressed in band methods
Select, Evaluate, and Adjust your oboe reeds
Oboe Instrument and Reed care

Follow us on Instagram @infinitireeds
and Facebook at
for a sneak peek of our chapters 
and oboe problems addressed in our guide!

Help My Band Has An Oboe Player Book
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Neon Lights Multi
Rainbow Galore
Neon Lights Multi 
contains neon yellow, orange, pink, and purple.

Rainbow Galore 
contains the most colors on one spool!  pink, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple and maroon!
Seaside Multi 
contains light blues to dark blues.

Purple Multi 
contains light purples to dark pinks and purples.
multi green

New Arrival!  
Oboe Foil Pencils!
"Oboe Players Rock" with oboe reed design

Four colors:  
Purple, Green, Red, Blue

Price each:  $0.50
Regular Price:  $29.99
Sale Price: $22.00
New book for July 2015!
Reed Thread Sale!
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Silver Treated Polish Cloths

Small 3 1/4 X 3 1/4 square cloth, light blue in color
Each cloth is made of high quality cotton with a silver cleaner and anti-tarnish agent.  Great for polishing the keys and rods on your oboe!

Price:  $3.00 each
4 inch C clamp $8.00
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New FF nylon thread spools!!
Each spool contains 125 yards. 
Price each:  $5.00
FF Neon Pink
FF Neon Orange
FF Neon Green
       FF Neon Pink
FF Neon Green       FF Neon Orange
FF Purple      FF Teal     FF Spring Yellow
FF Blueberry    FF Royal Blue   FF Spring Green
FF Purple
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Purple, Teal , S. Yellow, Blueberry, Royal, S. Green
Blue Foil
Red Foil
Green Foil
Purple Foil
2" C Clamp 
4" C Clamp $12.00
New Arrival!  
Oboe Mood Pencils!
"Oboes Rock!" with oboe reed design

Five colors:  
Purple, Green, Red, Blue, Orange

Price each:  $0.60
Purple              Orange               Red               Green             Blue              10 Pack Assorted
Currently out of stock!  Will be back soon!
20 Pack Assorted
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12 Pack Assorted Foil Pencils
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