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Reed Tips from Infiniti Reeds

Oboe Reed Sale! June and July! $19.99 each.

by Angela Schindler on 06/27/18

Welcome to our Summer Special Oboe Reed Sale!  Reeds are $19.99 each for our student-pro line of medium-soft, medium, and medium-hard reeds.  Pro-line professional performance reeds are also included in the sale!  Stock up this summer to avoid the back to school reed rush!

Oboe Reed Cases! New!

by Angela Schindler on 06/27/18

Introducing our new oboe reed cases this summer!  They are square, metal-framed reed cases that are double-sided to hold 18 oboe reeds!  Each side accommodates up to 9 oboe reeds with our special foam ribbon inserts.  If you need a reed case upgrade or need more storage space for your reeds or even reeds in progress as you experiment with reed-making these cases are a great buy!

Welcome to the Infiniti Reeds Blog!

by Angela Schindler on 04/27/18

Greetings fellow oboists! It's about time I started a blog to keep you posted on our business activity!  Check here daily for special offers, free gifts, announcements including band camp opportunities and upcoming local concerts as well as detailed information on OBOE REEDS! 

Visit us on Instagram:  infinitireeds and Facebook: