Turkey Feather swabs : Reed Tips from Infiniti Reeds
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Turkey Feather swabs

by Angela Schindler on 07/13/18

What type of swab do you use? Silk, microfiber, and cotton swabs provide a thorough cleaning of your oboe. Silk swabs can get stuck on occasion if you pull the swab completely through.  

Consider placing the weight in the bell and pulling the swab only halfway through the top joint before removing it on the opposite direction through the tenon cork side.  Even with a safety cord knots can occur, and the safety cord can double back over through the top joint. (It is rare, but it happened at band camp this week!)

Turkey feathers provide a quick moisture removal in between rehearsals. They are especially convenient to use after band rehearsals or sectionals if you are running short on time.  You can avoid issues with pull through swabs by using turkey feathers when you are in a hurry to,pack up your oboe!

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